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When I had my first big boy interview a fourth of a score ago, something that the voice on the other end said still rings true in my head today.

When I asked one of those, “so what questions do you have for me” questions, I was told that the biggest difference between college and working life is that there are no longer any deadlines and breaks between semesters / finals / holidays, etc – a much much dimmer light at the end of the proverbial tunnel if you will.

So here I am, a couple months removed from my last update and a somewhat voluntary exile from talking about myself blogging because I wanted to finish talking about myself interviewing. A self-imposed break in the tunnel if you will.

But the truth is, I fell for a bastardized version of “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” – I tried to put some aspects of my life on hold whilst waiting for something else to happen – and you just can’t do that. In the post-college life, you can’t just let your bad spell of tests run its course and wait for a new semester to start afresh.

Cue obviously shallow but seemingly deep phrase: Life waits for no one.

And so, the one year anniversary of my current job search has come and gone. I’m closer than I’ve been in a while. I know that because I have already started self-questioning my future offer before I have even received it.

Nonetheless, I think it’s time to fill in the gaps in this blog and set off a total timewarp mindfuck by backdating posts between the summer of 12 and today. Yes, I’ve been keeping a to-do list of blog topics that sorely needs to be checked off. I usually dread these types of site updates but I fear my own future ignorance if I don’t leave some kind of marker here.