About M

If there’s three things you need to know about M, it’s that he’s tall, handsome, and Chinese…oh wait, wrong website. Actually, it’s that he likes to spin small thoughts into profound ideas no matter the actual relevance, turn ordinary activities into pride issues even though it could be potentially self-destructive, and write long blog posts despite some problems commanding the English language (says J).

M still works in investment banking and still likes to bottle up his emotions. Combined with an affliction that makes him painfully self-aware, he’s been suffering through an acute bout of blah-ness recently, magnified by some possibly overly-dramatized life events. Case in point: he recently watched a TED talk about vulnerability and cried because he realized he spends so much of life trying to be a stoic male (says J). Or maybe it was because he ate a whole jalapeno pepper on a dare by J’s gf (says M). Anyways, since his confidant J left the firm, the emo side of M has been searching for a therapist. After discovering that his medical plan doesn’t cover such extravagances and that his budget is already stretched by too many bottles (it’s more economical!), he decided instead to self-medicate himself by writing this blog.

While he likes his women short and with multiple personalities (his dad is convinced he is trying to destroy the family gene pool), he likes his blog posts long and with multiple personalities – so be prepared for some profound, proud, and possibly grammatically incorrect blog posts. Most of all, be prepared to see some long-ass posts.

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