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I don’t often write about sports, but whenever the most polarizing sports team of the last couple years wins the championship in my favoritest sport AND I can find an analogy to my two most favoritest topics…I must.

Well, last week, that polarizing team decided that celebrating in Miami was much better than celebrating in Oklahoma and in the process tried to coin a phrase that hits very close to home: “No Sleep.” I say polarizing, but to be honest, only those residing in the lower third of Florida and those who never followed sports really like the team. So it’s really just the debate about the debate that makes the team polarizing. But then the only logical question to ask is: why do you have to pick a side? Personally, I’m a Philadelphia fan – if my team isn’t in it, I don’t particularly care who wins as long as there is a good game. Life is hard enough as it is without having to see everything as black or white…

Same with our jobs. You either are lucky as hell and found something that you are extremely passionate about. Or you are stuck in a job that you loathe. But I’m here, surviving fine. I know this job isn’t for me in the long-run but I’m perfectly fine milking what I can from it while I can. I obviously don’t love it. But I don’t hate it either. So stop it – stop trying to make me pick. It’s just a job, it’s not my life – even if I spend 75% of my waking hours doing it. (And yes, I would say the same even if I loved it.)

Same with girls, whom I must definitely love. (Yes, you know I had to go there.) Asian All girls are complicated enough without having your friends try to force you to define whatever relationship (yes, you know who you are.) If I like her, shouldn’t that be enough? Or why do I have to not [replace with some Chinese saying about letting the river run its course]? Why not just enjoy the ambiguous phase when you don’t know what’s going to happen? After all, as someone much wittier, but shorter, than I described YOLO as: “death is final…but life is full of possibilities”.

So let me enjoy it while I can. While I can still possess the ability to not sleep. And I don’t have to define things. Because you know English is not my strong suit.