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Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends

One time in band business camp they told us that whenever your morality is questioned on the job, just imagine how you would feel having it blasted gossip girl-style all over the front pages of the WSJ.

On a related note, today I got asked by my boss and our legal counsel to delete some files off the drive and to hunt down all copies of those files held by ex-employees….oops, that’s a story for another time.

Details of a potential scandal aside, I actually opened New York Times to see our firm prominently featured – unfortunately it was because we are listed as going through a “strategic review”. In other words – worst case: firm gets bought, analysts get fired; best case: firm augments practice, analysts get fired.

Just kidding.


Either way, it’s not the ideal situation for analysts because bad Feels come swarm around the office as senior bankers feel the pressure from losing jittery clients, middle level bankers feel the pressure to outperform their roles as they prepare for new potential bosses, and junior bankers in general don’t know whose asses to kiss. While this would be the time that the typical analyst has reached the point where mistakes are rare and learning can consist of more than powerpoint shortcuts. Unfortunately, our new analysts (aka all analysts other than me) are wondering if they should be looking into lateraling and/or whether its worth to work hard for an entity which not might exist for much longer.


I’m in full expiring contract mode. I’m in the unique position of knowing that I will leave this place in a couple months – not matter how the “strategic alternatives” turn out. So I’m forced to care about something that I have no incentives in – a state which unfortunately has been all too common these days, but that’s yet another story to be told later.

At this point, I just want to be left alone. Left alone to do my interview prep. Hey company executives with golden parachutes secured in the new contract, can you please do YOUR jobs before you tell me to do MY job? Sigh, just wake me up when this is all over.